Happy December!


Kids Who Read are Unstoppable

What’s the difference between top performing students who go on to become lifelong learners and low performing students who struggle in school? One skill: reading. Top students read all the time, and not just in school. Great students are avid readers.

What should you do if your kids aren’t avid readers? Here’s the good news, you can change that! You can fight for your child’s future and help them become great readers by making these fun and simple changes:

  • Create a reading routine. Every night (including weekends) should have a specific time set aside where all screens are off, and everyone reads.
  • Read to your kids and have them read to you. Reading doesn’t have to be solitary, and kids of all ages can enjoy this.
  • Be a role model, let your kids see you Show them that reading doesn’t end when you leave school.
  • Talk to your kids about the books you are reading and ask them to tell you about the books they are reading.
  • Get a library card and go there once a week. It’s fun, and best of all, it’s completely free!


It’s Cold Out; Wear Coats

It’s cold outside. Your kids go out to play every day. Don’t let them freeze. The vast majority of kids hate it when they have to stay inside because they didn’t bring a coat to school. So please make sure they are dressed for the weather. Also, please keep in mind that hoodies are not coats. They are worthless when its below 50 degrees outside.


This Month’s Character Trait: GRIT!

Of all the character traits, grit is the most important for success in school. Grit is perseverance over a long period of time. It is hard work day in and day out. It’s not giving up. It’s refusing to accept anything but the best from ourselves and the work that we do. George Washington had it. Martin Luther King had it. Robert the Bruce had it. Your kids can have it too!


We will be honoring students who exhibit last month’s trait, gratitude, at our school assembly on December 6th.


Chronic Truancy

Missing school frequently or being tardy on a regular basis is a recipe for disaster! Being at school on time is a requirement at this school. That’s why we’ve decided to make sure that grades reflect that huge loss of learning. If your student is absent 7 or more times during a single term, your student will automatically fail every single class. If your student is tardy 7 or more times in a single term, they will automatically fail their first period class. As parents and educators, we can’t expect greatness if our students are even going to school. Showing up is half the battle.


Snow Days

Although we are experiencing a record breaking warm November, we are prepared for snow storms at WSA. If there is a major snow storm that causes us to feel that it would be unsafe for our students or our staff to make it into school, we will cancel school.

If school is cancelled, we will notify you in the following ways:

  • A text
  • An email
  • Facebook



WSA Happenings

  • 12/6: Student of the Month Assemblies (3-8 @9:15, K-2 @2:30)
  • 12/6: 5th Grade Outward Bound trip: The Leonardo
  • 12/7: 7th Grade Outward Bound trip: Utah Museum of Fine Arts
  • 12/11: 6th Grade Outward Bound trip: The Leonardo
  • 12/12: 8th Grade Outward Bound trip: Utah Museum of Fine Arts
  • 12/13-12/14: Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 12/14: Early Release Day
  • 12/15: No School (Teacher Training Day)
  • 12/20: 3rd Grade Outward Bound trip: The Clark Planetarium
  • 12/21: 7th Grade Outward Bound trip: Fort Douglas Military Museum
  • 12/22: Ugly Sweater Day! Wear your ugliest sweater
  • 12/25-1/6: No School Winter Recess