A guided path beyond the classroom.

About WSA

Wallace Stegner Academy is a rigorous college preparatory school designed to prepare kids for their future careers as high school students, university students, and beyond. 

Wallace Stegner Academy (WSA) is a free charter school that serves students in kindergarten through 8th grade. 

WSA is open to any student in Utah.

Teacher Training

WSA teachers are amongst the most highly trained professionals in the state. 

Our school is modeled after the most elite and highest performing schools in the nation, and our professional development programs for teachers reflect that goal.

Free After-School Program

The majority of Wallace Stegner's students attend the after-school tutoring program. 

Each day, students stay for an extra hour to review the day's math homework and to get the extra help they need.

College Bound

The average American with a four-year bachelor’s degree earns an average of $1 million dollars more during their lifetime than a person whose highest education level is a high school diploma. 

The high-paying jobs of the future will require a high level of education and it is vital for every American student to achieve this goal. 

Wallace Stegner Academy prepares students for their future college studies and for the jobs of the future.