• Shirts must have a collar and can be any color.
  • Must be either button up or polo type shirt
  • Logos must be small (2 inches or less).
  • Students may wear a sweater over their collared shirts (sweater may not have a hood).


  • Skirts and dresses must be knee length and have sleeves.  Skirts and dresses can be any color or pattern.
  • Pants must be khakis or jeans.
  • Shorts, sweats, yoga pants, and tights are not allowed.


  • No flip-flops or sandals allowed.
  • Any color or pattern is allowed.
  • Logos must be small (2 inches or less).
  • Shoes must be closed toe.


  • Outerwear, other than sweaters, must be stored in the student’s locker and only worn to and from outside.
  • Headwear, including hats, bandanas, sunglasses, etc., is not allowed other than while transitioning during cold weather.
  • Makeup that is distracting or inappropriate is not allowed.
  • No sagging and bagging of clothes.
  • Hair will be clean and neatly groomed. Unfinished or frayed hems on skirts, jumpers, pants, shorts, or any article of clothing are not allowed.
  • Any item of clothing designed to draw attention to the student’s body is not allowed.
The purpose of this policy is to enhance the learning environment and cultivate an atmosphere of discipline, professionalism, and respect at Wallace Stegner Academy.  The dress code describes the MINIMUM standards. Students are encouraged to dress up. Blazers, ties, and fancy dresses are the best way to look smart!  Please remember that all students participate in physical education classes and should be able to dress appropriately.  All clothing must be in good condition, be clean, and fit properly.