Wallace Stegner Academy is located in Salt Lake City serving the Glendale and Rose Park neighborhoods.  The school facilities are newly built to accommodate a fun optimal learning environment.  We want students to want to come to school since it will be a welcoming and rewarding support system.  Our school is complete with a gymnasium, library, playground, stage, and even an indoor slide – all built with student’s in mind!

Wallace Stegner Academy is located at 980 S. Bending River Court in Salt Lake City (just west of Redwood Road).

Drop Off and Pick Up

At Wallace Stegner Academy, we consider student safety a high priority. We will work to continually evaluate and revise drop off and pick up procedures as needed. Administration will evaluate the school grounds and surrounding neighborhoods to create pick up and drop off protocols as well as to assess safe walking and biking routes as part of the School Neighborhood Access Program (SNAP) Plan.

Please become familiar with our Drop Off and Pick Up Map and Procedures.

2016-2017 Pick Up and Drop Off Map Only - WSA


Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Notification