Mission & Vision

Wallace Stegner Academy is a rigorous college preparatory school designed to prepare kids for their future careers as high school students, university students, and beyond. Wallace Stegner Academy (WSA) is a free public charter school that serves students in kindergarten through 8th grade. WSA has no defined enrollment boundaries and will serve students from all income levels, cultural backgrounds, and academic abilities.

Why does a College Degree Matter?
The average American with a four-year bachelor’s degree earns an average of $1 million dollars more during their lifetime than a person whose highest education level is a high school diploma.  As America’s population grows the high-paying jobs of the future will require a high level of education and it is vital for every American student to achieve this goal.  Wallace Stegner Academy prepares students for their future college studies and for the jobs of the future. 


Wallace Stegner Academy will foster a community of active learners through academic rigor and citizenship by providing an opportunity for at-risk students to close the achievement gap and achieve academic excellence through:

  • Personalized Mathematics, Language Arts, and Reading Classes
  • Building Student Confidence Through Success
  • Preparing Students for College
  • Highly trained teachers
  • Positive Learning Environment
  • Daily Science Instruction
  • Free after school study hall and tutor lab
  • Character Development


Wallace Stegner Academy will foster a community of academic rigor and citizenship as evident through its school-wide culture, and civic-based community involvement. Our vision is to create a school that will provide a critical and reliable alternative to mainstream education, especially for English Learners and students who struggle in a typical classroom environment.  Furthermore, the majority of the school’s student population will read at grade level, deploy academic language proficiently, and demonstrate developmentally proficient skills in Writing and Mathematics.

Who is Wallace Stegner?

Wallace Stegner was an author who lived in Utah in the early half of the 20th century. Like many Wallce Stegner Academy students, Stegner attended Salt Lake City’s East High School and also attended the University of Utah. Stegner is most famous for his 1971 novel “Angle of Repose” in which he won the Pulitzer Prize (the highest honor for an American author). In addition to being an internationally renowned author, who wrote about the American West (including Utah), Stegner was also a professor at several leading universities, including Stanford University and Harvard. The school was named after Wallace Stegner because the founders valued people like Stegner who are devoted to academics and pursue the advancement of knowledge and art throughout their entire lives.

Organizational Documents

Wallace Stegner Academy is chartered through the Utah State Board of Education. The school charter documents detail our program of instruction and school goals. Please note, the polices and bylaws contained in WSA’s original charter application are subject to change by the governing board. To view the schools current policies, please click here.

Click below to see the full document:

Charter Application

Charter Agreement