WSA 8th Graders on the top of Antelope Island

What is the Outward Bound Program?
WSA students learn a lot in the classroom, but there are things that need to be seen and learned outside the walls of our school. That’s why our students travel all over the state to learn and experience what the world has to offer. Students learn geology and biology on hikes in the Wasatch Mountains, along the Jordan River, and from the shores of the Great Salt Lake. They learn art history at the University of Utah. They learn science and technology at the Leonardo. They learn military history at the Fort Douglas. And so much more! Each year students get to see and experience more and more.

How does it work?
Students in grades 3-6 leave the school once a month to travel and to learn outside the walls of our school. Students in grades 7 and 8 leave the school every other Thursday.

Where are the kids going this year?

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Do all the kids in those grades get to participate?
No. These trips are earned. Students who attend have to complete their daily homework assignments and they must exhibit good citizenship. That means students must be respectful, work hard, come to school on time and don’t miss large numbers of days, and know how to be safe by following directions in order to be on the Outward Bound trips. If a student is suspended for any reason, they automatically are removed from the upcoming trip.