Rebecca Olson


Mrs. Olson is in the 6th year of her career in education.  She spent 5 years as secondary teacher in the fields of Math and History, then obtained her MEd. In School Counseling in December 2019.  This is her first year with Wallace Stegner and her first as a school counselor.  Mrs. Olson is passionate about the role of education in creating bright futures and is committed to helping each student grow and learn.  You will not often find Mrs. Olson watching TV.  There are so many other productive things to do!  You might find her cooking a nutritious meal, learning how to make something new, reading or listening to audiobooks, gardening, or walking on the treadmill while blasting some music to groove to.  She developed a love for nature through many camping trips as a child.  Mrs. Olson loves to spend time with her husband MacKay (also a teacher), her 3 children, who are all in elementary school, and her dog Ellie.