Online Schooling Chromebook Instructions


Make sure the Chromebook is connected to your internet service provider in your home.

STEP 2 - Log In

Make sure that your student/students are imputing their full, and correct credentials to sign in, I.E. their lunch number or their SSID along with, 

NOTE: If your student logs in with a Non-WSA email address they will not have access to their google classroom or anything they need at WSA

STEP 3 - Passwords

All of the students’ passwords to log into their Chromebook's with their WSA credentials is: Wsarules2020   

Please make sure that the W is capitalized on the password.


Most default home pages will be the Waterford website.  

To access Google Classroom, click on the + icon to create a new Tab.


The default website that opens when you open a new tab should be,  

While on the google the main page verify that the email address is your students' WSA email.  You will not be able to access Google Classroom without a WSA email.

Run your cursor over the app's icon and click on the icon to bring up the Google apps dropdown.


Click on the "Classroom" app icon.

After clicking on the app icon your students’ teacher/teachers’ pictures will be on the google classroom page. If you get an access denied or blocked message, verify that the email address your student is using is their WSA email


Click on the + icon and select, "Join class"

After clicking on the "Join class," link enter in the class code of your student.  The class code can be located in the welcome letter that your students received in their packets