Thalia Gomez

Special Education

Thalia Gomez is a Special Education teacher at Wallace Stegner Academy. Before working as a special education teacher, she was a paraprofessional for 2nd grade and later special education. Prior to working at Wallace Stegner Academy, she was working as a 4th grade teacher at a school in Puerto Rico. Ms. Gomez received her Bachelor's degree in preschool and elementary education at the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamon in 2017. Since she was little, her passion has been to help others learn new things. She also loves to help students learn in ways they can apply their skills in their daily lives . In her free time, Ms. Gomez enjoys to read, make crafts, watch Disney movies and try different foods from around the world. She also enjoys taking care of her two Betta fish and listening to the calming sound of the aquarium water splashing.