See the magic in our classrooms!

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Rigor and student engagement every day in every class.

My name is Anthony Sudweeks and I am the Academic Director of Wallace Stegner. 

As I walk through the schools, I frequently pull out my phone and record good teaching. These are not staged or unique moments.

This is what a typical Wallace Stegner class looks like every day:

Engaged & learning.

1st Grade math class is engaged and learning!

Ms. Gomez

Staying focused & becoming better readers.

2nd Grade reading group staying focused and becoming better readers.

Ms. Bolen

Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten Math

Ms. Guandique

Analysis & Critical Thinking

3rd Graders analyze the work of their peers to practice their critical thinking skills and see exemplar student work.

Ms. Pereira

Every student engaged in math.

Every student is engaged in this 6th Grade math class.

Ms. Peterson

Students greeting teachers.

Wallace Stegner students greet their teachers at the door!

High expectations & clear instructions.

Ms. Lamoreaux clearly explains her expectations and designs procedures to waste a minimum amount of time throughout the day. This creates of sense of urgency that most classrooms lack.

Students Expressing their Ideas

Middle School History Discussion

Ms. Kelliher