"How humans learn is around story-telling. We want our students to be future leaders and future problem solvers. That's done in teams—our kids start doing that in Kindergarten."

Anthony Sudweeks, M.Ed
Co-Executive Director

"We raise expectations by having expectations. We also spend all of our time, money and energy on our teachers."

Adam Gerlach, M.Ed, Co-Executive Director

"At this school, we created a big family as teachers. Kids seeing that? They know they're going to have a great culture in your classroom."

Jennifer Gaundique
Principal Intern, K-4th Grade

"I fell in love with Wallace Stegner. The feel of every classroom—how amazing they are. Class after class after class. I fell in love with everybody—it was love at first sight for me."

Erick Diaz
Principal, Grades 5-8